A Cornerstone of my Educational Experience

“I am truly thankful for the opportunity that was provided to integrate my knowledge gained in the classroom with real world experience through the economic development project Aday Remus. This experience provided a dynamic environment to not on share my ideas but also collaborate with other students, business and local leaders, and members of Winthrop University on visions and solutions to help positively impact our local community and beyond. It has proven to be a cornerstone for my educational experience both inside and outside the classroom, and I have taken the skills, knowledge, and relationships gained and have applied them daily to my career moving forward. As a student it provides you an opportunity to see the big picture, while allowing you to find detailed solutions in order to get there. You can be the change you want to see in your community, and through your action you are able to see progress happen right in front of you. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone given the opportunity and am grateful for the support, guidance, and friendship of Jason Broadwater and his team who passionately live each day seeking to improve the community through creative solutions and collaborative efforts.”