Episode 98: Success by Craftsmanship with Jay Leake

Jay Leake’s great grandfather, John began selling antiques out of his house in the 1950s and eventually expanded his business into 2 retail buildings on the northern side of York, SC. Jay’s father, John III, not content to just sell furniture, started recreating the fine antique pieces he grew up around. John III eventually transitioned into making and selling high quality, labor-intensive furniture. Jay grew up in this productive environment and naturally fell into the same talent and love for the work his father had.

Jay tells us about a Garden and Gun article that showed their custom cellarettes, old-fashioned liquor cabinets, to the world. He describes how this fateful moment in the spotlight turned their struggling business into an internationally renowned specialty shop with stacks of orders coming in for their heirloom-quality furniture. He’ll also tell us how this notoriety lead them to being asked to make their on of a kind cellarettes for dignitaries all over the world.

Jay graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Furniture Manufacturing Technology. He put that education to work in the family business right away, specializing in inlay work and finishing. Along with his father, John Leake III, he continues turning out top-notch custom furniture for customers all over the world.

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