Episode 93: How Stories Make Our Reality with Velma Love

Dr. Velma Love talks about the way our lives and the whole of civilization is directed by stories. She explains how each of us carries our own story, affect the stories of those around us, and move through life based on an  existing story about the world as we know it. She also talks about educating people around the stories of their lives and community, and trying to create a better world through awareness.

A native York, SC Dr. Love grew up in the segregated south.  From a young age, she idolized The Freedom Riders and Civil Rights workers. She grew up in troubled times on a farm in western York County, but remembers a childhood filled with love, happiness and storytelling. This lead to her career in storytelling and historical research. She is a scholar of African and African American religions and spiritual practices and an expert on the Ifá/Orisha traditions. She is an author, an independent scholar, and a mental health and emotional wellness advocate. The founder and director of ASUWA Studios, Inc, a gathering place for designing new life stories, she is a narrative coach/facilitator that helps people “change their stories to change their lives.”

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