Episode 81: Charlotte Storytellers With Nora Orton

We talk to Nora Orton, cofounder and content director of Charlotte Storytellers, a group that meets weekly for workshops and performances. Nora discusses the life experience that brought her to the craft of storytelling, and the origin of Charlotte Storytellers. We also talk about the value of spoken word, and the need for real human contact that’s grown in the era of constant engagement with technology.

Nora grew up in Oakland, California, earned a BS in neuroscience from Brown University, and moved to Charlotte in 2015 to work for her family business. She wasted no time in initiating Charlotte Storytellers, having been inspired by her experiences with the craft while at Brown.

Charlotte Storytellers meets every week to tell stories on a theme. We take the best ones and polish them for a quarterly showcase. Check the links to find them on social media. Go HERE to check out their event on August 5th.

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