Episode 79: Live Music In Old Town with Minnesota License Plate

Ethan and Mark from Rock Hill’s only psychedelic postmodern grunge funk band, Minnesota License Plate talk about the rewards of being in a band in Old Town. We discuss the age-old belief of going to the big city to pursue your dreams, and why that didn’t make sense for MLP. We also talk about the value of music to teach important life lessons and the role of musicians in the modern, creative culture.

Minnesota License Plate is Caleb Brown  on Lead Vocals/ Drums, Ethan Snipes on Backing Vocals/ Bass, Justin Smith on Backing Vocals/ Guitar, Joe Andrews on Violin, and  Mark Ray on Keyboard. They play a unique mix of groove-oriented funk-rock, with straight-ahead melodic songwriting. They recently released their EP, Kaleidoscope Sunrise.

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