Episode 78: Loom Cowork with Jennifer Belk

Loom Director and Programming Coordinator, Jennifer Belk talks about opening York County’s first cowork space. We discuss the impact of Loom on the area, and what coworking means to the county, as well as people, at large. We talk about the evolution of work and lifestyle, and why cowork is the perfect fit for so many. We also talk about the importance of strategic space for innovation and happiness.  

Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Auburn University and A Masters from VCU. She’s practiced corporate interior design, taught interior design at the Art Institute of Charlotte, and Winthrop University, and garnered many awards and accolades.

Loom coworking is now open in Fort Mill, offering a positive, open environment to talent in York County and the surrounding area, as well as speaking events, educational, network opportunities, and gallery exhibitions.  

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