Episode 103 – War in Ukraine with Denys Krasnikov and Yana Krasnikova

Ukrainian native Denys Krasnikov and his daughter, Yana Krasnikova, talk about the impact of Russia’s war on the people of their home country. They tell us the difference between global perceptions of what’s happening and the real daily experience of Ukrainians. Yana talks about having had so much of her young life affected by the Crimean Crisis and the current war. They also talk about Your Kindness, a non-profit that supports young Ukrainians in need.

Denys is the co-founder of Vidby, an AI-powered platform that quickly and accurately translates video. He was born in Ukraine and graduated from Harvard University.

Before founding Your Kindness, Yana was crowned Miss Ukraine Universe. She graduated with a BA in Psychology from The New School of NYC.

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