Case: Rock Hill School Foundation

About the Company

The Rock Hill School Foundation is a non-profit 501 c 3 organization that works very close with the Rock Hill School District.

The core business of the foundation is to support programming that enhances the teaching and learning experience. Grants may be awarded to district faculty and staff for district-sanctioned activities that are outside the financial support of the school site and/or general operating budget. A volunteer board of directors independently manages the Foundation.  Our sponsors and volunteers in the community generally give funding through donations. Directors represent all aspects of the Rock Hill Community.

Nature of the Situation

The Rock Hill School District Foundation had a website, but it was a bit outdated and did not represent the vision of the foundation.  They desired a newer and fresher look that would reflect their vision and goals.  They wanted a way better to connect with their supporters and the ability to display the activities that they were working on.  Since the foundation relies on donations, they wanted a way to receive donations via the website.

Nature of the Solution

The Hive team took the list of things that the client desired and came up with a plan of action.  They designed a WordPress website with a fresher look while including the ability to display images of the work the students, and teachers did in the classroom. A donate now feature was added so donors who desired to donate via the web could do so.


The new design gave the Rock Hill School District the ability to better inform their visitors of the events and activities going on within the foundation and district. Visitors can donate via the website, and they can read articles and view images of the various events.