Rock Hill Economic Development

Internet Marketing for the Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation


  • Conversions – Increase Conversions (leads, opt-ins, sign-ups, contacts, downloads… whatever they are defined to be)
  • Traffic – Increase Site Traffic and Improve Visitor Behavior (tracked through analytics)
  • Presence – Grow and Improve Presence and Placement in the online marketplace (SERPS, Directories, Social)
  • Audience – Grow Audience in Social Media Spaces (linkedin, facebook, twitter, youtube)
  • Engagements – Inspire and Increase Online Interactions and Engagements (connections, follows, engagements, etc.)

Business Park in Rock Hill SC


The work is activity based. The students will engage with conversations and spaces and individuals who are interested in Rock Hill or in Historic Revitalization or in Development opportunities or in industry-based location seeking, and they will show them pictures, articles, drawings, plans, ideas, and more. They will court reaction, feedback, and engagement from interested people all over the nation and beyond.

  • Methodology
    • Research
    • Content Optimization
    • Content Curation
    • Outbound Content Publishing
    • Active Connecting of Content and Individual
    • Measurement of Response and Engagement
  • Technology
    • Website (
    • Other Internal Websites (,
    • External Websites (community, topical)
    • Social Media (linkedin, twitter, facebook)
    • Email Marketing Tool (Constant Contact)
    • Audio/Video/Photography (Camera, Software)
    • Content Creation (software)
  • Content
    • Existing Published and Non-Published Content
    • Newly Generated Content


  • Products
    • Old Town Development Opportunities
    • Old Town Office
    • Industrial Business/Building/Land
    • River Walk Office/Commercial/Industrial
    • Commerce Centers (Manchester, Cherry Road, Saluda)
  • Prospects
    • Site Location Professionals
    • Developers
    • Brokers
  • Current Partnerships
    • CRP
    • York Technical College
    • Winthrop University
    • York County
  • Some Assets / Opportunities
    • Old Town
    • Bleachery
    • Riverwalk
    • Winthrop
    • York Tech
    • The Hive
    • Institute of Manufacturing Productivity
    • Existing Businesses
    • Tech Park
    • Business Park
    • I-77
    • Tax Incentives
    • Proximity to 85 corridor
    • Proximity to major port (Charleston)


  • After about a month or so, RHEDC will start seeing some more connections, activity, and visitors.
  • Then, more will come in a wave-like way during the remainder of the program.
  • Then, more people still as a residual effect after the program ends.
  • Then, some effect will remain thereafter (due to listings and content), and some will wane (due to stopped, or slowed, activity).