Case: Building Rock Hill

Website Design & Development

The Hive designed and developed a website for Historic Rock Hill called for the purpose of organizing and gathering info on the historic buildings in Rock Hill, SC.

About Historic Rock Hill, The Organization

Historic Rock Hill, a 501c 3 non-profit organization, was formed as a Mid-Town Preservation Association in 1986. Their mission is to preserve and protect the historic resources of Rock Hill, South Carolina and enhance the livability of its historic areas.

Nature of the Situation

Historic Rock Hill had a wonderful website ( designed by a local design firm. They wanted to add to it an additional website that would be an interactive tool that would allow users to navigate and help write the history of Rock Hill from the point of view of historic homes and buildings. This new and additional website was to be called

Nature of the Solution

The Hive students designed and developed as an interactive tool for publishing information about historic homes and buildings in Rock Hill, SC. The tool was built with WordPress and allows the administrators to easily add and manage information (documents, text, images, etc.) about these buildings, as well as allowing users to navigate these buildings and even add information.