Old Town New World: Main Street and More in the New Economy

Jason Broadwater’s Old Town New World is a quick and powerful read. The manuscript is part treatise, part personal narrative, and part case study of Rock Hill, SC. The book asks: What does a successful small city look like in the new economy? The Internet, cowork, urban renewal, the creative class, collaboration, and the punk rock economy are all pieces of today’s Main Streets of small town USA. Old Town New World provides a glimpse into a new cultural era in our nation, in our world.

Contents of the Book

Old Town New World is a small powerhouse of a book on economic development and the new economy. The chapters of the book include:

  • Success in the New Economy
  • The Native Son Returns
  • Work Not Jobs
  • The Punk Rock Economy
  • Cowork as a Mechanism
  • Bohemianism and Urban Renewal
  • The Hive in Old Town
  • Education is Economic Development
  • A Strategy for Success
  • Encourage a Thousand Voices

Economic developers in small cities should take particular note that the section of the book entitled “A Strategy for Success” is a framework for a strategy that a community can implement to be successful in the new economy.

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