Our Education Vision

A Vision for Education

The K12 school superintendents in the state of South Carolina came together to put forward a vision for education. The group convened under the framework and facilitation of the South Carolina School Administrators Association, directed at the time by Molly Spearman. 

In eight facilitated days of dialogue and workshops, the group developed a powerful written vision for what education should look like in the state of South Carolina. A powerful unifying force was created among the education leaders of the state.


Our Education Vision

SC Superintendents Discuss the Vision and Process

Deploying the Vision Online

The superintendents wanted to put forward this new vision in a way that would engage the public in meaningful and productive conversation.  Understanding that the Internet would be the key medium for the public’s interaction with the vision, the superintendents approached RevenFlo to design and lead the online deployment. View OurEducationVision.com.


A Conference and Interactive Experience

The superintendents also formed a task force of education staff from across the state. This group planned and led an interactive experience at the annual education conference put on by the South Carolina School Administrators Association.



Dr. Lynn Moody

Dr. Lynn Moody, Former Superintendent of Rock Hill Schools, discusses Our Education Vision.

“Here is a quote of something she said in this video and it will probably go on this far maybe.”

Fred McDaniel

Fred McDaniel, Chief Planning Officer for Richland School District 2

“Business leaders have come together with education leaders to move forward together.”

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith Director of Professional Development of Rock Hill Schools

“A meaningful conversation about what education can be in our state and what it could be in our state.”

Hannah Hopkins

Hannah Hopkins of the South Carolina School Administrators Association discusses the Our Education Vision project.

“Gives us all the opportunity to collaborate and discuss the great things in education going on around the state.”

Tony Thompson

Tony Thompson, Instructional Technolog Spartanburg School District 7

“It’s exciting because it’s social, and social is fun, and social is smart.”

James Blake

James Blake, Principal in Rock Hill Schools

“Great potential to get the information and discussion started about public education.”